My creations

Some personal tools, utilities, programs, and applications that I've created

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    DIY Datalogger For My Solar Panels - Part 1
    Published 11 Jun 2024
    My new home came with some solar panels and a Delta Solivia inverter. I'm envious of new inverters that give you cool graphs and statistics on your phone. Can I make my own wifi bridge to push solar power data to my Home Assistant controller?
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    Published 24 Sep 2022
    I made a front-end for the online game Space Traders to teach myself how to create web apps from scratch using NodeJS and React. It was really fun and educational, and I'm pretty proud of what I came up with.
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    Dave's Base64 Tools
    Published 15 Sep 2021
    I use base64 a lot in my line of work, so I made my own tools to help me work faster!
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    Dave's ServiceNow Bulk Export Tool
    Published 02 Jul 2021
    Save yourself some time, and don't spend hours exporting large exports of data out of ServiceNow like I did. To help me out, I wrote a cool little tool to export bulk amounts of data out of ServiceNow all at once, instead of combining smaller exports from the same table one-at-a-time.