So you've impersonated a user in ServiceNow, but there's a redirect that forces that user into the service portal and you can't end the impersonation. How do you un-impersonate and get back to your own admin user?

In the platform UI, you can just click on the user icon in the top-right then click on "End impersonation".

Platform UI, end impersonation

Sadly, this option is not available in the service portal, which doesn't help if you're stuck in there.

Service Portal, no end impersonation

Option 1 - log out

The easy option is to log out and back in again, but this can get annoying and time-consuming, especially when there's multi-factor authentication to do and big passwords to remember.

Do that 30 times in a row, and it's enough to make you dread system testing.

Surely there's a better way... right?

Option 2 -

Simply change the URL to "/". That'll take you back to the impersonation dialogue, and you can go end the impersonation by double-clicking on your own user without having to log out and back in again.

It's quick and easy, and a lot faster than logging out and back in. Magic!

Option 3 - SN Utils /unimp

The popular browser plugin SN Utils has a shortcut to stop impersonating a user. It's available for Chrome, FireFox, Edge, and Safari.

You can get it here:

Even from the service portal, just use the slash command /unimp to end your impersonation.

SN Utils /unimp