The problem

So you're running a transform to import some data into ServiceNow, but something has gone wrong. For debugging, you find or add some to the transform script, but when you run the transform you find that nothing has been logged to the transform log.

Transform script with logging

Log messages missing

The answer

Starting around the San Diego release, using won't actually log messages to the transform log. It will log log.warn() and log.error(), but not

To change this, set the system property glide.importlog.log_to_table to true, or create it if it's not there already.

System property to save info logs

Transform log with info

Fun fact

What's actually going on here is that does log, but the log messages aren't saved to the database under the transform log anymore.

However, they still get logged to the node's log file. You can see the messages if you browse or download the node's log file.

This isn't useful, but still cool to know.

Transform logs in node logs